Meeting & Corporate Events

Escape from the Convention Floor and Enter the Lush, Wide Open Spaces of The Las Vegas Country Club

Once reserved for the exclusive use of its members, the clubhouse and grounds are now available for private events. Our centrally located club is nestled at the North end of the Las Vegas Strip and includes a large clubhouse with floor to ceiling windows, expansive terrace, garden event space, tennis pavilion and indoor rotunda. Complete corporate buyouts are available on a daily or weekly basis with competitive rates and minimums.

Within steps of the Las Vegas Convention Center the club offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the convention world and is the perfect place for a luncheon, dinner or cocktail party to celebrate your sales staff, showcase products to prospective clients, or roll out a new advertising campaign. We understand the unique challenges that large scale corporate events can experience and have great flexibility to ensure your company’s event proves successful.
Contact our dedicated catering staff for complete details on how we might prepare a customized event proposal for your next business event.